Margaret Luttinger

25 years of HR and Labor Relations leadership  with Carrier Corporation, Agway, Inc.,  Armstrong World Industries and subsidiaries provided me the  experience and motivation for founding Luttinger Associates in 2004.

My executive HR career exposed me to many people who  read and responded very differently to their roles, conditions, and environments.   It was clear natural, unconscious  preferences were at work, affecting how they learned, taught, decided, problem solved, communicated, handled stress and conflict (or didn’t), lead and wanted to be lead. Some preferred highly structured environments; others wilted under too many rules. Not all could deal with ambiguous situations. Some needed to bring all tasks to conclusion; some only needed to get them started. Some were big picture; others were here and now. Some found a silver lining in everyone and everything; others were overly critical. Some were effective leading one team but failed miserably in leading another. Some preferred to work in teams; others wanted no part of them. The misunderstandings that these differences caused too often had negative consequences affecting performance, retention, and achievement of goals.  I wanted to do something about that.

Many found their way to career compatibility through a messy journey of lost opportunities, disruption and wasted time.

People are happiest, most productive and effective (as are those who work for or with them ) when where they are and what they are doing is aligned with who they are. Success depends on more than education and skill matches or whether they have done this work before yet these considerations  are often overlooked in the recruiting and selection process, in succession, talent and performance management.  As a process, root cause, systems and strategy -oriented thinker, I knew there was a better way.

Leveraging my experience and employing  professional  ‘positive psychology’ assessment instruments such as MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), FIRO Element B, the Thomas Kilman (Conflict) I drive to help valued clients learn about and apply principles of alignment and compatibility to achieve higher levels of performance in individuals and leaders.