Luttinger Associates’ clients progress to achieve higher levels of individual and organization  performance  learning how to  better attract, select, develop and deploy talent. Through use of assessment instruments and coaching services provided, teams and their leaders gain new insights and skills key to  reducing tensions, fostering greater collaboration,  improved problem solving and  decision making. Stumbling blocks are turned into stepping stones as a result of greater self – and other – awareness.

Focusing on sustainability and on keeping the people who keep you in business,Luttinger Associates’ succession planning  assists  develop and implement needed processes for identifying  high potential as well as untapped internal talent.

With assistance from select assessment instruments  our work expands into career development,  leadership and executive coaching further teaching, developing, growing and improving the  interpersonal leadership competencies critical to success in this challenging role.

Developed during the course of an extensive corporate HR, Labor Relations and Organization Development leadership career in manufacturing, engineering and technical businesses, our approach is hands-on, creative, pragmatic yet strategic.

Our focus is on assessing the compatibility of people to their roles, teams with their leaders, and  practices and processes employed to achieving desired outcomes. We believe incompatibility is the great contributor to instability, conflict, turnover  and under-performance.

We have accumulated extensive experience interviewing and selecting professional, leadership and executive talent for a variety of industries. To that we add executive HR knowledge to provide our clients additional leadership and counsel.

Hiring well starts with a defined and disciplined process. In addition to sourcing and recruiting talent, we provide our start-up, mature and established business clients education and services to:

  • Establish Interview & Final Selection Processes
  • Create and value compliant job descriptions and critical success factors
  • Establish interview strategy and train interview team
  • Conduct Assessments

Promotion from within positively impacts on attracting and retaining great employees. Our organization expertise and services include:

  • Development and implementation of programs and processes for identification of high potential as well as untapped internal talent.
  • Implementing practical performance management programs
  • Identification of career progression opportunities
  • Strategies for addressing ‘stalled’ or ‘plateaued’ employees

Succession planning is a critical strategic activity which sustains an organization. Our services help clients develop and implement robust and effective succession plans.

As organizations change, people and positions can be affected. We are well positioned to assist in career redirection and outplacement counseling to include

  • Training leaders for those difficult announcements and conversations
  • Downsizing Strategies Assessment
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview training

The most effective and successful employees and leaders are those who have well developed self-awareness and interpersonal skills. With help from select, well established and recognized assessment tools, we offer education and training to improve:

  • Communications (speaking, listening, writing)
  • Effectiveness in Conflict Intervention and Management
  • Decision- making
  • Problem solving
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Understanding of different work styles
  • Understanding and expanding leadership and management style