Margaret Luttinger brings a strategic focus to human resources along with a scope of organizational thinking that goes beyond conventional HR to help businesses succeed. She works with her clients to understand their business opportunities and organizational limitations, organize where to put their energies, and shape their workforce and practice strategies to meet their goals. But her counsel goes further. She recognizes the gaps that organizations need to fill to achieve their goals…gaps in sales, marketing, manufacturing, IT and other functions…and helps identify the right resources to help the company succeed. Perhaps even more remarkably, she makes this an enjoyable and fulfilling process.  Margaret provides her clients with vision, insight and practical recommendations. I recommend her highly for businesses seeking to maximize their business opportunities, and eliminate roadblocks to their success.

Christopher Ritter, Fuseideas


I’ve first met Ms. Luttinger when she first gave an inspiring presentation to our consulting club at Syracuse University about how developing self-awareness contributes to better communications and decisions, and how to achieve success at work. Since then, she has been extremely helpful in assisting me reach my career goal. She spent countless days out of her busy schedule to help me to better market and express myself to recruiters. She is very dedicating, motivating, and supportive. As a result, I am very satisfied with the outcome and grateful for her advice and services.

John Tang


Margret has the tools to deliver profitable solutions and present the the truth. Creativity, High Integrity and Expert knowledge supply her foundation. The human experience involves skill and compassion as evident from work with The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and personal advisement. Very capable.

William Wrisley, Lockheed Martin


In my 30+ year career I’ve found Margaret to be among the best HR professionals I’ve ever encountered. I fondly remember the day I interviewed Margaret and how quickly she was able to change my thought process from “Would she fit?” to “How can I convince her to come work with us?” Happily Margaret did agree to join our team and both the company and I prospered greatly from the experience.  Margaret is adept at dealing with the day to day issues typical in a manufacturing environment. She is also able to create and implement a strategic plan to drive continuous improvement both for the organization and on an individual contributor basis. She is highly intelligent, level-headed, personable, and able to communicate clearly and effectively with all levels of the organization. Whether you’re a start-up company, or one that is well-established, Margaret is someone I can highly recommend as a strong leader who is able to take your HR function to the next level.

Scott Willis, vice president, Jiffy-tite Company, Inc.


Margaret reached out to me through LinkedIn and asked to meet with me. I had never met or spoken to Margaret before this time. It was one of the best decisions and conversations of my life. Margaret knew all of the right questions to ask me in order to understand me and learn about my background and experiences. She used this information to provide guidance on what she believed would be good industries and environments for me to thrive in. I have come to learn that Margaret is well connected and known in Central New York. I recommend Margaret to professionals looking to change or further develop their potential, to leaders needing solid coaching, to businesses to make best match hiring decisions, as well as to parents of teenagers who want to make sure they understand the interests of their child so thattogether they can select the correct career path. Margaret is one of the best people I have ever met. I only wish I had met her 20 years ago.

Christopher Iles


I sought out Margaret for advice after receiving a job offer, and wanted to delay it to entertain two other interviews. As a recent graduate, this was a new world to me and at the time I was very confused and needed guidance through the process. Margaret took the time to understand the different opportunities that I was evaluating, my thoughts, desires, and ambitions associated with each career. From there, Margaret had created a step by step plan for me to interview and evaluate each career. Not only did she help to clear the confusion, she made the interview process more enjoyable. I was able to retain my initial offer, while being able to entertain the other two interviews. Margaret was able to give me piece of mind throughout the entire process. If I ever have any questions about career direction, I will be sure to contact Margaret for her genuine advice.

Gregory Rabideau


I have known Margaret for over 4 years now and have worked with her on a number of occasions during that time. In every interaction I have had with her there is always a common theme of active listening and general concern for my goals in both my professional and personal life. Her strength is in understanding the value of focusing on long term objectives and developing relationships that last beyond a short term need. She understands that a successful job fit is a two way street and understanding both the company and the employee are critical to long-term success. Margaret has helped me to understand my own strengths and weaknesses and has continually provided actionable advice to help develop the right skills to meet my career goals. Developing solid relationships takes time, patience, and empathy, and it is clear that Margaret has been developing these skills her whole career. She has a extensive base of skills and knowledge but never stops learning. I actively recommend Margaret to friends and colleagues whenever there is a need, and will continue to do so throughout my career.

Matt Reksc, Elcom Sales


Margaret is a seasoned professional with a strong understanding of the personalities, culture, executive ability, structure, and processes needed to successfully staff an organization or project. Her work ethic, candor, positive outlook, tact, and energy are always refreshing. I would highly recommend Margaret for any endeavor that requires a high degree of discretion, judgment, and quality execution.

Jeremy Eastman, Associate Director, IGATE Life Sciences


When we initially called Luttinger Associates to discuss the organization of our agency, Margaret displayed a unique blend of understanding, perspicacity, and compassion, helping our executive team recognize, and eventually address, some of the issues we were facing at the time. More recently, Margaret helped fashion our Steering Committee Retreat, a day-long meeting to review, revisit, renew, and re-launch our organization. Her performance was extraordinary. She developed the framework; organized and directed the day’s events; and, most importantly, monitored our group’s performance and kept us on track. I was impressed by her understanding of our issues, her ability to re-direct us when we strayed off course, and her skill in dealing with a dozen self-motivated adults. I enthusiastically recommend Luttinger Associates to organizations in need of executive, management, or planning expertise.

Norm Andrzejewski, CEO- Operation Southern Comfort


Margaret was the right consultant at the right time. She provided invaluable advice to a volunteer Board grappling with complex personnel management issues outside its usual scope. She quickly and accurately assessed matters requiring attention and provided the Board with appropriate options and recommendations. Insights Margaret provided were appropriate and constructive, leading to a resolution of the situation. She gave all viewpoints thorough examination, and all parties were given ample opportunity to express their thoughts. The Board was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism and the way she demonstrated requisite leadership skills under trying circumstances.

John W. Sharon, board president of a regional library


Over 18 months, Luttinger Associates helped us with a variety of initiatives to improve organizational performance. These activities included optimizing recruitment activities (including defining job descriptions and identifying key personality traits), targeted counseling for employees (specifically, for the interpersonal interactions of three managers), general communication counseling (for front-line supervisors), and staff-level coaching. During all of these initiatives, Margaret worked with relentless passion. She has the ability to deliver a message with clarity, regardless of the audience, and her honesty and sincerity are always evident. Importantly, she can assess the correct degree of delicacy or candor required by each situation. Luttinger is extremely discrete and reliable; she is a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who is genuinely committed to optimizing their organization’s human capital.

Max J. Blieler, General Manager, Special Metals Corp.


Asked to describe a red piece of fruit in our trainer’s hand, my new employee answered “a red apple,” a perfectly correct answer. But I saw vitamins and fiber, also correct. Our trainer used this example to explain how our MBTI indicators could have predicted these responses and that these insights can be used to help us understand each other when complex business questions need answers. Three years ago Margaret Luttinger introduced our firm to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Her enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge, and corporate experience implementing MBTI drove communication and resulted in increased productivity.

Scott Dossey, Director of Marketing, Interface Solutions


Margaret is a very detail oriented and knowledgeable consultant. She was able to quickly and efficiently work with Inalign on some critical business issues.

Gregg Crystal, Founder & CEO, Inalign


Margaret is a top-notch facilitator and manager who has a passion for helping people reach their maximum potential. Her enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. She is keenly aware of differences between individuals, and she effectively uses her Myers-Briggs training as a tool to help others. On many occasions, I would stop Margaret and describe a situation and she would give insight and guidance—explaining another’s reaction—and what do differently in the future. Her passion, knowledge, and insight are a benefit to any organization.

Derek Martin, Senior Product Engineer, Interface Solutions


I was a very lucky person, faced with two career options that were both challenging and rewarding—either advance my career with my current employer or accept a position with more growth opportunity at another company. Each option had advantages and disadvantages. I didn’t know what to do. I called Luttinger Associates. Margaret asked me tough questions about my own personal, professional, and long term career plans. She probed areas I hadn’t thought through. She helped clarify perspectives. She helped me answer questions I hadn’t asked myself. In the end, I chose the tougher path, leaving my current employer. Margaret helped me see how this important choice would directly impact my life. She helped me see beyond the emotional aspects of the situation so that I could make a better decision.

Don Lynch, Director, Supply Chain, Welch Allyn


Margaret provided me personal job coaching. She is good at assessing a person’s capabilities, skills, strengths, and opportunities. She gets to know you by using her tremendous experience and listening skills and chooses assessment tools tailored to your needs. She helped me focus on areas that maximize my leadership and management skills and identified the tools necessary to achieve awareness and objectives. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent coach and career advisor. In fact, I recommended that my son meet with her to sort through college choices and career options. He was impressed with how much insight Margaret brought to the meeting. Margaret is an “A” player.

Brad Murdock, Controller, Phillips and Temro


Margaret is an effective human resources professional, excellent speaker, and wonderful mentor. She consistently demonstrates her high intelligence and her ability to effectively understand and work with people. She has an excellent rapport with clients, employers, and other professionals. She’d be an asset to any organization.

Virginia Westmiller, Manager, Payroll/Benefits System Compliance, Agway, Inc


I had the pleasure of working with Margaret when I was a candidate for one of her retained searches for an engineering leadership position. She is truly a breath of fresh air as compared to her peers. In fact, she is the most professional and considerate recruiter I have come across in a number of years. More specifically, she is remarkably knowledgeable about a wide variety of business and technical disciplines, able to ask meaningful and engaging questions, quickly returns e-mails/calls to candidates questioning the status of a posting, and skillfully coordinates introductions and the interview process. In short, I would highly recommend Margaret to represent any hiring company for a retained or open search, particularly for senior leaders where identifying right-fit chemistry is imperative.

Mike McManus, Senior Leader, Engineering/R&D/Product Development