Our spiritual lives as Catholics begin with one amazing reality: God became a man (Jesus) and walked this Earth. The Bible is an important source of understanding what God has revealed to us. His coming was foretold in the Old Testament. His teachings recorded by His followers in the New Testament. He invited all of humanity to a life of grace and friendship with Him. This life of a Catholic Christian is sustained by prayer and the Sacraments. Perhaps His invitation to you has led you here today.

The resources below are designed to help non-Christians and non-Catholics to get to know Jesus. Further resources are available to all to help to us get to know Him better.


The following for reference, to be deleted:

Spiritual Guidance

Pamphlets like: Is God Real? How to Pray the Rosary and Why; Daily Devotional Life; CareNotes™; Making a Pilgrimage; What is Holy Hour? RCIA; Why Does God Allow Evil? Should I Study the Bible? What Happens After Death? Etc. (There is an almost infinite number of possibilities. It would be wise to rotate the selection to keep it fresh.)

Quarter-size papers for writing one’s name and number and checking a box asking someone—the priests, deacons, or other ministry leaders—to call/text. (These could be available across all four categories.)

Information on parish Study Groups, Devotional Clubs, 12-steps for Catholics group, Diocesan Retreats, etc.