Jaime Fedele

Jaime Fedele

“Healing is a process and an art. To be able to facilitate that process is incredibly rewarding as a therapist and an artist of life.”


Jaime is a holistic-minded, treatment oriented therapist, driven by the desire to create a better quality of life for her clients.

Jaime’s goal is to work with people suffering from chronic pain, stress, & injury. By facilitating the body’s healing process through massage, she aims to help correct habitual postural patterns everyday stressors bring about. “Therapy begins when you treat the problem at its root and begin to restore balance within the body.”

“I believe touch therapy is a critical and undervalued form of healing. By allowing ourselves to sense the areas where we hold stress we are able to bring awareness and presence back to the body. Massage instills a feeling of connectedness and helps to recenter both mind and body.”

Jaime is a graduate of Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, in Syracuse NY. Jaime looks forward to expanding her versatility as a therapist. Her goal is to pursue other forms of alternative therapy and continuing education for massage. Her background includes training in Western & Eastern techniques, deep tissue therapy, trigger point work, sports massage, pregnancy (pre-natal/post-natal) massage and general relaxation therapy. Jaime is passionate in this field of healing therapy. She takes great pride in the work she performs and the impact she makes in the lives of her clients.